Storytelling is the best way to sell Your product.

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People have been participating in storytelling from the beginning of human civilization. Stories fascinate us and create bonds by bringing ideas, emotions, and experiences to life in a remarkable way. Nowadays, audiovisual production companies are increasingly embracing brand storytelling in their marketing campaigns for a modern, digitalized consumer and the spots are getting so enduring that we actually watch them as if they were short movies that we love to come back to.

That is why it is so important that the companies together with audiovisual production companies

choose the right ones to tell as they captivate the consumer's attention much more than facts, figures and catchy but cliche mottos.

We want to present two great examples of storytelling for audiovisual production so You can discover which are the main elements a good storytelling should have in order to leave a real impact on the viewers and turn them into Your possible customers.

1. Be inspiring

One of the most viral Polish advert in many years was online auction website Allegro which has been viewed more than two-and-a-half million times. It is not every day that a non-English speaking advert becomes so popular but you have to see the story to understand that. It starts with the elderly man receiving an "English For Beginners" audio set from the website. It is near Christmas time. We can see how he struggles to get fluent, by putting stickers on household objects and reciting phrases out loud in public spaces creating entertaining situations. The heartwarming final reveals the reason why this elder person gets out of his comfort zone. He travels to England where he meets for the first time his granddaughter. By then, you have already tears in Your eyes.

That story includes all the main principles of great storytelling. The characters are really authentic. The story can be understood by anyone in the world. In the times of massive movements of workers, we all have somebody who had to migrate for better job opportunities. Nearly one million Poles have decided to leave the country in search of a job, mainly heading the United Kingdom. In that situation, family ties tend to weaken. Therefore, Christmas for many is a difficult time in which we yearn for more. The viewer connects perfectly with the elder man who misses his family and wants to get to know his new granddaughter.

There are few dialogues in the advert which makes the revelation moment even stronger and more emotional for the audience. There is a sort of a question throughout this beautiful story as we want to know why this elder person is learning so thoroughly a new language. The revelation moment is incredibly moving. A great storytelling campaign for an audiovisual production companies should wake up our emotions and inspire us and this is what Allegro has achieved.

Check this spot here:

2. Find a real narrative

One of our clients was the wine manufacture from México, L.A. Cetto and they wished to celebrate their 86th anniversary with a stunning spot to share their passion for wine and show the family tradition in winemaking that is passed from one generation to another. The decision for us was really simple, the story was already there. We just needed to tell it in a creative way. It is one of the basic types of storytelling for audiovisual production companies, to explain the history of the company, especially if, like in that case, has a beautiful heritage to convey. In that advert, it is the family Cetto itself that reveals the story of their wines. It starts with a grandson writing a letter to his grandfather embracing the love and passion for the vineyard and with the stunning captions of grape fields done with drone. The grandfather talks about the beginning of their business, creating an image of a modest family that just love country, nature and a grape. The dialogue of Cetto family's three generations brings us closer to the brand that appropriates the idea of hard work, high quality of the product and passion. Each character of the story symbolizes of one the pillar of Cetto wines. The grandfather is the genesis. The son represents the evolution and internationalization of the brand explaining to us how the company was evolving and expanding. The grandson signifies the continuity and preservation of the initial principles with a look towards the future.

By putting the owners of the company as the main characters of this storytelling campaign we have achieved to transmit the credibility and trust in the product which is normally the most difficult task in marketing.

You can find the advert here:

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